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Exercise Tips for Home Buddies

Exercising at home is a great way to save time and money.  If you want to get in an hour work out at the gym, it's really two hours by the time you drive there, find parking, pay for parking, change, hit the gym, shower, change, find a parking ticket on your car, and drive home.  I have honestly driven to the gym and driven around in circles looking for a spot and finally given up in frustration and driven home.  
Jog outside, you say!  I do.  But the weather is not always permitting.  So I have invested in a treadmill and a stationary bicycle.  I've researched on the best treadmill for the money and I use them!  They are parked right in front of the t.v.. The bikes I'm not so sure about so you can make your own research and read upright exercise bike reviews

In the basement.  I also have a yoga mat, some dumbbells and a skipping rope.  Honestly, I work out more often, more consistently, and get better work outs at home then I do at the gym.  
Here's why, it's convenient!  I'm not wasting time driving around and I'm not wasting money on parking and parking tickets and gas for my car.  It takes 30 seconds to throw on some shorts and a tank top and lace up my shoes.  And I'm not on a schedule!  I don't have to get back to my car in time.  I'm in the comfort of my home.  Sometimes I break up my workout through out the day.  I jog for twenty minutes.  Bike for twenty minutes.  Do twenty five sit ups and push ups each and then get back gardening for a couple hours.  Maybe read my book.  Do the dishes.  And then if I feel like it, I can jog for another twenty minutes.  Really I do this!  Sometimes I work out several times a day.  Why not, it's so easy to do when the equipment is right my home!

Here are some tips for making the most of your work out at home.
-Have indoor cross trainers that you can wear around the house and on your equipment so like me, you can have mini spontaneous workouts whenever the inspiration strikes
-Staying in Friday night to eat popcorn and watch a movie?  Spend the first hour on the treadmill.  Enjoy yourself and keep it to a brisk walk, just turn up the grade a few feet to blast some extra calories.  Then enjoy the last hour of the movie on your couch and indulge in the popcorn you totally just earned!